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The packaging of cold cuts and fresh meat ensures the products’ nutritional integrity and freshness. Upon opening the package, the slices must exhibit the original properties of freshly cut meat: aroma, taste, consistency and colour. The technology that enables this performance is packaging in modified atmosphere that augments the shelf-life of the cuts and prevents the disintegration of meat cold cuts, thus guaranteeing weight stability.

Nitrogen N2 – carbon dioxide CO2 – oxygen O: for meats in exactly dosed quantities to conserve the natural colour of cuts and in cold cuts its absence to prevent disintegration of the slices.

- Barrier against moisture to avoid weight loss and partial dessication of the product.
- Barrier against air to preserve the constancy of the modified atmosphere’s composition.
- Barrier against aromas to maintain the fragrance of the meat.
- Anti FOG to inhibit condensation on packaging surfaces that can hinder the visibility of the packaged product.