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The packaging of grated cheeses and pre-cooked rice ensures the aroma, the freshness and the integrity of the products. When the package is opened, the cheeses and rice must retain the same characterisics present before processing (grating or cooking) – in terms of aroma, taste and consistency. The technology that makes this possible is the package barrier in modified atmosphere that prevents disintegration of the cheese and decay of the rice to ensure the stabiliy of the content's humidity.
MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE: Nitrogen N2 – carbon dioxide CO2 – while it is completely absent of oxygen that may induce undesirable reactions.

- Barrier against moisture to avoid weight loss and partial dessication of the products.
- Barrier against gases and aromas to preserve the composition of the modified atmosphere and to maintain the aroma of the cheese and the organoleptic properties of the rice.
- Anti FOG (for cheese) to inhibit condensation on packaging surfaces that can hinder the visibility of the packaged product.
- Antistatic (for cheese) to avoid product particle adherence to the packaging surface, which can pose a problem during sealing.