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for packaging needs

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The packaging of these basic grocery products must guarantee a perfect watertightness as they are hygroscopic. Moreover, contact with air, which facilitates insect proliferation, must be ruled out.
For this reason, flexible vaccum-packaging are spreading.
Upon opening the packaging, the rice and flour must exhibit the same characteristics of watery residue of the product before its packaging to avoid product alterations. In general, the pouche holds 1kg of a product and must therefore have an optimal mechanical resistance against accidental perforation.

Therse products do not require modified atmosphere constituted by inert gases.

- Barrier against water to avoid weight increase and humidity absorption, as well as later the formation of agglomerates.
- Can be opaque to protect the powder from exposure to UV rays through lights.
- Antistatic to avoid adhesion of powdered particles to the packaging surface, which can cause problems in the sealing process.